Our USP is not only the conception and planning of our projects but also the staging and realization. Together with our partners we are proud to put on thoroughly new concepts and shows. We are not copying – but innovating something entirely new.

    Our routine is always choreographed individually to the performance level of the team. We have a commitment to excellence while creating a successful project and a fun and passionate atmosphere. Most important to us is that we challenge the group with the demands of the project and guide them to meet the goals together as a team.


    The costume design is an integral part of our services. Our designers create, based on their experience and creativity, paired with their high attention to detail, individual, high-quality costumes for each production.


    The conception of the stage- and costume design starts early in the creation phase. Simultaneously with the development of the textbook and music-master we plan the scenery and offer a finished concept for stage and costume at the production date.


    Music is the most important feature of our shows and events. Each of our productions is based on a carefully chosen, partially rearranged concept or self composed piece of music. In our sets, we offer some extras like background music or innovated playlists.

    Light has a huge influence on perception. It is able to stimulate and create new realities. That is why lighting, already early in the conception, is an important part of our production planning. The programming of the required lighting scenes is part of our tasks of the production process.

    An extravagant production should be promoted and documented properly. Upon request we accompany the production ensuring professional picture and video material.

    Projection and video mapping are essential to most shows and are show attributes that can hardly be dispensed. With our competent partners, we offer innovative visual highlights that make every show unique.
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Media dominates everything. Well thought of promotion is an industry must. One of our many strengths is the layout of print-, picture and video material for promotional purposes. Learn more »
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